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Australian submarines AE2 and AE1 (to right) in Sydney.
Photo Sydney Mail 1914
Australian War Memorial Negative Number H11559
This site was originally designed and created by Mr. Michael Foster son of the founding president the late John Foster, OAM. AE1 Incorporated would like to express its thanks and appreciation for all of Michael's work in relation to this website.

The loss of Australia's First Submarine

Submarines AE1 and AE2 were Australia's first two submarines. They were delivered to Sydney after an epic voyage from Portsmouth in May 1914. Both submarines saw active service in WW1. AE2 created history by becoming the first submarine to break into the Dardanelles during the Gallipoli campaign in 1915. AE1 was stationed in Rabaul harbour at the commencement of WW1 but sank with all hands during a mission to the Duke Of York group of islands off New Brittain. This website is dedicated to the memory of the 35 crew who lay with their ship in the depths of the Pacific Ocean and to the men and women who contribute their time and resources to locating and honouring the AE1.

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AE1 Incorporated pays tribute to founding president Cmdr John Foster OAM RAN Retd, who passed away on 10 October 2010. More information..

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